Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grow status

We're almost done casting. We have the lead narrowed down to two people, and we need to find someone for the stop motion animated character, which needs a live action dancer for rotoscoping purposes. She'll have to wear a chromakey body suit and dance in front of a greenscreen, so we can replace her body with the stop motion character.

The stop motion character is a wireframe figure, representing the inner strength and identity of the dancer. It's the surface on which the vines grow on a topiary, and for this dancer, the wireframe has been stripped from her by trauma. Wires running from its hands and feet to the ground keep its movement limited to a small area.

The other role is the human dancer, which represents the emotional journey of a trauma survivor. We're still designing her costume. We have a few good ideas, I'm working with artist Gwynn Galitzer and she's great.

This Tuesday the project becomes real. Once we cast the roles we can build the wireframe character, make the costume, develop the characters with the dancers and choreograph.

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  1. I love reading about the steps and progress of this project... it's not like anything I've ever done.