Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As of now, this is how the film credits stand:

Presented by the School of Visual Arts

A Lilyology Production
In association with Poobah Media

Director: Lily Gist
Producer: Adelyn Lee

Starring: ?

Live Action Director: Joe Quartararo
Assistant Director: Adi Navon
Casting Director: Adelyn Lee
Casting Assistant: Lucia Mooney Martin
Director of Photography: Lily Gist
Camera A: Maya Hunter
Camera B: Dain Ning
Gaffer: CJ King
Key Grip: ?

Makeup: Jenna Goldschmidt
Costume Designer: Gwynn Galitzer

Production Assistant: Melody Shaiken

Visual Effects Supervisor: Lily Gist
Stop motion: Zack Williams
Traditional: Svetlana Kandkhorova
Backgrounds: Trevor Terry
Logo design: ?
Original Musical Score by Modern Moonlight

Creative Advisors
            Maya Hunter
            Mike Flowers
            Marty Abrahams


So now I just need a dancer, a key grip and a logo designer. Dancer's almost cast, will be next tuesday. The logo designer I have an email in to my first choice, but she may not be available, so I'll have to find someone. Key grip will be easy, Adi can find one in seconds.

It's getting there!

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