Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Grow" animatic

This is the animatic for the film I've been working on. I haven't been posting much lately, I'm not sure why. I've had plenty to talk about, I guess I've just had other outlets to do it.

I'm dying to work on this thing, to sit down and hash it out and really step into each scene with a fresh set of eyes. There's so much potential, but it needs to be so carefully weighted so as to not miss out on the bits that will make it work both narratively and visually. At the same time I just need some validation that it's worth making, that I'm not speaking to myself. Hopefully that's what I'll get by having other people get into it with me. I can't do this alone, it's too big a project and I don't finish things if they're left to just me because I get what I want out of them and move on.

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