Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm graduating from my outpatient day program in four weeks. I feel good about it, mostly, but I'll miss the people a lot. I'm hoping to maintain some connection to some of them, they're practically family, but it'll take some work and I expect I won't stay friends with most of them for long after leaving. We're like the breakfast club. In group we're super close, but when we leave we go our separate ways.

Anyway, I recorded some music last night.

  Night music  by  Lilyology

  Effect beat  by  Lilyology

I enjoyed playing them. Next time I'll use my new audio input though. I couldn't last night and it was sooo disappointing - I hadn't installed the driver.


  1. Night music is lovely, kind of hypnotic. Do you lay down several tracks, is that how it's done? I'm so glad to hear the cello again.

  2. Congratulations, even if it is bittersweet. I hope everything you've learned from them stays with you, even if they don't. Also, I loved the music! Have you ever listened to Unwoman? She's a cellist I knew from hs and college and has sort of a similar sound, but does a lot of electonic/goth stuff on top of it.

  3. Unwoman, I'll look her up, thanks :)

    And yeah, Cathy, that's how it's done. I laid down the main riff and overlaid the other phrases ontop.