Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Creative Growth (close-up)
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Creative Growth
Originally uploaded by lexyperson

This is a welded steel sculpture I made at UMass Lowell. It's one of the few sculptures I still have images of after the Great Dual Hard-drive Crash of '07. I still have most of the others, but I don't know where.

One of my favorites was called "Duet". My grandfather used to make and play violins, and he and I always planned on playing a duet but he died before we could. So I crafted an absurd machine out of old car parts, something my grandpa would have enjoyed a lot, and I used a car window motor out of a chevy and had it pumping a greased wooden piston back and forth. I fixed up one of my grandpa's unfinished violins and added a bridge and a string, and attached a bow to the piston, and attached the violin to a wooden skeletal figure I meticulously carved and aged with polyurethane and sawdust to look like it had been in the attic for years, like the violin had.

I finally was able to play the duet I had so dearly wanted. It's the most beautiful, meaningful work I have ever done and I love it more than any other.


"Dark" is the product of an adventure through the psychiatric system of NYC. I animated this in four hours and was completely drained when I finished. The music is me on the cello. 

 Hold Me

The entrapment of living in a hospital is palpable through this installation, which captures those feelings with a live projection cast on medical gauze and feeding back into itself to create many images of oneself blending with ones shadows in a disorienting and exposing way.

Experiment in Blue

This was an experiment to find a unique style, and I'm happy with how it came out. I did the music for this one too.


My first and last full 3D animation project. A mother bird has a very disturbing dream and takes matters into her own wings.


This animation imagines a technological apocalypse. The audio was recorded in the sculpture studio at UMass, and includes arc welders, circular saws, slamming metal cages and hammering iron against an anvil.

And, of course, here's my topiary:

I love my darling. I named her Freedom.

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  1. I remember that Experiment in Blue! I was just thinking about it the other day... it made me happy that you were still expressing yourself through the cello.